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Black Metal
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Artist: Sam O'Hare & Danny Garrett

Album: That's The Deal (EP)

Available Format: CD

That's the Deal is the debut EP from Baltimore-based acoustic blues-duo, Sam
O'Hare and Danny Garrett. It consists of 4 tracks, all performed live in-studio with Sam on vocals/guitar and Danny on Harmonica. The tunes showcase Sam and Danny's unique style and approach to blues, which is deeply influenced by folk and country music. Hear old fashioned train chuggin' harmonica and Travis-picked guitar on the album's opening track, "Million Dollar Song", followed by "Meal TIcket", a soulful blues written from the perspective of a lady with a deadbeat husband. The highlight of this recording is when Danny seamlessly transitions from a mellow chromatic harmonica melody in the bridge to a punchy diatonic harp solo. O'Hare shines with a heart-wrenching vocal performance on the album's ballad and third track, "Secondhand Blue",
and it's all concluded with a mellow cowboy tune, "Moon Hangin' Low" that puts you right under a desert's starry night sky.

After over 13 years of playing and friendship, Sam and Danny are excited and proud to release
their first music as a duo. Their stripped-down, raw performance is sure to grab the ear and pull in any lover of roots music.
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