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Black Metal

Artist: The Juke Joint Highball

Album: She Ain't Here

Available Format: CD

The Juke Joint Highball is a band only rumored to exist. Allegedly comprising of Grant Sabin on guitar and vocals, A.J. Fullerton on bass guitar, and Kevin Ott on drums, this dynamic ensemble brings together a wealth of talent and a deep-seated passion for authentic blues.

Recorded in a single day "She Ain't Here: A Tribute to R.L. Burnside" is a testament to The Juke Joint Highball's reverence for the Mississippi Hill Country blues legend. In a session spanning only a few hours, Grant Sabin, A.J. Fullerton, and Kevin Ott crafted a collection that honors R.L. Burnside's legacy. From the foot-stomping groove of "Poor Black Mattie" to the haunting echoes of "Going Down South," each track on the album is a heartfelt homage, blending traditional blues roots with the band's unique style.


"She Ain't Here" stands as a vibrant tribute, showcasing The Juke Joint Highball's prowess and passion for preserving the timeless spirit of blues music. 

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